MP John Cannis (Chairman)

Dr. Chi Lin

MP Peter Goldring

House of Commons

Board of Directors

  • Chi Lin, Ph.D., President
  • Hongtao Zhang, Ph.D., Chairman
  • Bai Yang, MBA, Vice President
  • Edward Yang, MBA, Secretary

Honorable Directors and Senior Advisors

  • Yu Chen, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Professor, Secretary General of International Science Exchange Foundation of China
  • Kai Yan, Senior Advisor, Deputy Director of Prospect China Office

Management Team

  • Chi Lin, Ph.D, President
  • Bai Yang, MBA, Vice President
  • Gordon Maher, Vice President Public Relations Canada
  • Chengkai Xia, MSc., Chief Representative China
  • Guohua Zhou, Vice President of Education Committee
  • Xiaoliang Gao, Vice President of Petrochemical Committee
  • Chao Lin, Vice President of Shanghai Office
  • Xiaoyan Duan, Vice President of Shenyang Office
  • Sunny Xin, Vice President of Hainan Office