The purpose for this mission is to show case American/Canadian Technologies and Products pertaining to the following technologies:

  • Solar and Wind
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Technologies
  • High-tech Technologies
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

The date set for this 2011 Trade Mission is April 17 to May 03, 2011.

The Trade Mission is supported by Government Officials and the Chinese Consulate General.

Canada-China Society of Science & Technology Industries (CCSSTI), is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in 1998 for the purpose of strenghening relationships between China, United States and Canada's industry sectors.

We are taking the initiative of organizing the 2011 Trade Mission to take advantage of the booming economy in China and growing need of importing/exporting technology and products to and from China from United States and Canada.

Canada-China Society of Science & Technology Industries would like to facilitate your industries needs abroad and build relationships between Government and industry sectors for your organization in China.

United States and Canada’s economy has been diversified into many different sectors, especially in hi-tech trading and logistics has clearly become an inland hub or port for many regions. We want to enhance trade relations between United States, Canada and China on this mission, especially in clean energy efficient technologies.

The cities and areas we are planning to visit are the famous Yangtze River Delta area (Nantong, Nanjing, Taizhou, Wuxi, Yancheng) Shanghai and Beijing China, the cities are subject to change depending on any new developments pertaining to new tradeshows. During the tour we have planned business networking functions, meeting investors and attending trade shows.

The full potential of this mission will ensure improved access for industry exporters and importers to continue generating promising opportunities in all various sectors. The business to business meetings will allow companies and representatives an opportunity to meet and establish critical contacts and exchange ideas in a relaxed environment.

Government and Corporate sectors are very supportive to our society’s activity. We are certain that with your involvement and support this trade mission will definitely be a success as all our pass projects and missions.

CCSSTI will continue to serve American and Canadian industry sectors to accomplish objectives and goals.