The date set for this 2011 Trade Mission is April 17, 2011 to May 03, 2011.

Dr. Chi Lin has taken lead in past trade missions to China that were extremely successful, one being Team Calgary in 2004, furthermore, Dr. Lin did a presentation to the International Trade Committee in the House of Commons pertaining to Trading with China.

Dr. Lin was invited by the Chinese People’s Congress as a Distinguished Overseas Chinese to attend and participate in China’s National Day Celebration.

Dr. Lin will take lead of the delegation in this trade mission to ensure a pleasant and successful mission.

The co-organizer for this Trade Mission is the National Science and Technology Venture Capital Development Centre, established in 1991 organized and led by the National Science and Technology Ministry and National Finance Ministry. It is a legally qualified, not-for-profit agency in the field of Science and Technology Services. Visit their website at:

Dr. Chi Lin has relationships with Government officials and industry sectors of China and is willing to use his influence to help American and Canadian business succeed in China. The mandate is to connect American and Canadian businesses with the required authorized persons to make business opportunities a success.

We would like to have your support in this initiative, as well as assistance in establishing relationships with participants to the organizing committee. Our request to participants is to have registrations done as early as possible, only 30 participants will be the delegation for this 2011 trade missions to China. We suggest to allocate any promotional material that can be used to promote your business in China.

Deadline date for registration is January 31 2011.