Over 10,000 Canadian and US businesses in China


Trade Mission to China April 17 to May 03, 2011

Package includes:

  • Airline ticket from Vancouver to China return Vancouver
  • Accommodations in China
  • Meals
  • Local transportation
  • Sight seeing in cities we visit
  • One mission magazine (additional copies can be ordered)
  • One CD of the tour (additional copies can be ordered)
  • Banquets
  • Souvenirs
  • Meetings with local Governments
  • Meetings with Investors and business associates

Participants Price – Seven thousand ($7000.00) Canadian dollars.

We are visiting seven (7) cities.

For companies that cannot make the trade mission to China we provide the following services:

Plan #1 - $1000.00

  • CCSSTI will make your corporate presence abroad in all cities we visit and all trade shows we participate in. Promotional materials are provided by the client.

Plan #2 - $2000.00

  • CCSSTI will setup a booth at each trade show we participate in and have one representative attending your booth, we will contact authorized persons on your behalf, be investors, manufacturers, technologies etc. Promotional material is provided by the client.

Trade Mission Magazine Advertising:

  • Trade Bags - $2500 each (5 total)
  • Magazine Front Cover - $5000
  • Magazine Back Cover - $4500
  • Magazine Center Full Page - $3000
  • Magazine Half Page - $1500
  • Magazine Quarter Page - $800

Contact us to discuss your business requirements.

Other services we provide:

  • We organize, coordinate and sponsor group trade missions, trade shows, conferences, business lunches, seminars and training programs.
  • We provide the latest developments in hi-tech sectors from China.
  • We provide market development and research for corporate sectors.
  • We assist in technology transfers.
  • We assist in commercialization of technologies.
  • We assist to access and secure funding sources.
  • We work with industries to advocate alliances.
  • We establish Government and business relationships.
  • We bring industry, technology, investors or investment together.
  • We establish corporate presence in China.
  • We provide direct access to hi-tech industry participants.
  • We provide direct access to rich resource advanced technologies.
  • We make business opportunities available to supporters.